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Rental Policies

All rentals must be paid in advance except to pre-approved in-house charge accounts. There is a non-refundable 25% reservation deposit required on all orders, which is applied to the total rental cost. All Delivery and colored linen reservation balances must be received at least two weeks before your event. All customer pickup balances are due at time of pickup (except colored linen). A credit card number is required in case of damage, loss or additional incurred charges listed below. You must be 18 years of age to rent and a picture ID is required. We accept Cash, Check, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. It is the renter’s responsibility to secure all local and state permits or licenses and to secure insurance. Please see reverse side of your Reservation or Order for additional Terms & Conditions. Please provide your caterer and site or event coordinator with these Policies if they will be handling your rental items, though it is the person listed on the Reservation (Renter) who is financially and legally responsible.

CANCELLATIONS: All deposits are non-refundable. If a reservation is cancelled at least 30 days before an event, the deposit can be held by Abbott Rental & Party Store and applied within one years time of cancellation date to a future rental. All cancellations less than 30 days before an event will result in loss of deposit. Rain contingency tents only: must be paid in full at least two weeks before your event. If cancelled before truck is loaded for delivery, then ½ of tent rental is refunded; if cancelled after truck is loaded for delivery, then ¼ of tent rental is refunded.

CUSTOMER PICKUP & RETURN: All rental fees are for one day of use. This means the item can be picked up the afternoon prior to or the day of the event, then returned the day after your event. Extended rentals are available at an additional cost. Sundays and holidays are free days if we are closed. All inventory counts must be verified by you or your representative at time of pick-up and return. Counts are considered accurate and no refunds are allowed once you have left the grounds. Please see appropriate sections below for information about additional fees which may be charged after rental inventory is returned, cleaned and assessed.

DELIVERY/PICKUP: All rental fees are for your event, which includes from our assigned delivery time to pick-up. Extended rentals are available at an additional cost. We will make every effort to work around your schedule requests, but delivery and pickup dates must be assigned by us according to direction, truck capacity, etc. Deliveries will be made as early as 3 days before an event and pickups are generally 1 to 3 days after. Please call on Monday of the week of delivery for your scheduled delivery day.

There is a delivery/pickup charge, the amount depending on the distance from Littleton, NH and may vary depending on gas prices. Deliveries may be made in a large box truck up to 25 feet long by 8 feet wide by 12 feet tall, and weighing up to 18,000 pounds. Abbott Rental is not responsible for damage or repairs to driveways, lawns, etc. Additional fees may be assessed at delivery or pick-up time by foreman if deliveries are not to the ground floor or to a level yard area, if not accessible by our trucks, or if tent/event site is at an unreasonable distance from truck. Additional fees may also be assessed at delivery or pick-up time by foreman due to complications or unusual circumstances not provided at time of reservation. We reserve the right to refuse a delivery if deemed unsafe or unreasonable. Please inform Abbott Rental prior to delivery of any delivery restrictions you may have.

Either you or your representative must be present at time of delivery and pick-up to verify rental counts. If no one is present and/or does not verify every count at delivery and pickup time, then count will be considered accurate as delivered. Responsibility for rental items remain with the customer from the time of delivery to time of pickup. Please maintain that all equipment is secure and protected from the weather, misuse and theft before, during and after your event. It is the renters responsibility to have all items ready for pickup at the spot where and as they were delivered, and in the containers they were delivered in. Renter will be charged for any missing rental items and containers. There is a $50 per hour charge if our crew must locate and repack china, linen, etc; or if the crew must fold and stack tables & chairs.

TENTS: Set-up and take-down is included in the rental fee of all tents, side walls and tent lighting. Please be sure your site is ready before our crew arrives. This includes lawns mowed and raked (prefer-ably one day before delivery), vehicles and equipment out of the way, and animal waste removed. The renter is responsible for calling DigSafe (at least 1 month before event is recommended) and then informing our crew of all underground obstacles such as septic, water, gas, electrical, phone, cable irrigation, etc. and any other conditions that might hinder the staking or anchoring of tents and equipment. Any part of our tents must be at least 30 feet from overhead power lines. Abbott Rental is not responsible for damage to underground pipes, wires, or property. Decorations, flowers, trash, etc. must be removed from under and around the tent before time of pick-up or a $50 per hour charge will be invoiced if any items need to be moved by Abbott Rental.

Tents are temporary structures, meant to keep out most of the elements, however, during heavy downpours occasional leaks can occur. Tents must be evacuated under high wind conditions. The use of Tiki torches, fire pits, bonfires, grills, etc. is absolutely prohibited within 35 feet of all tents. Extra charges will be assessed for tent cleaning for spark or smoke damage. Do not tape, staple or puncture any part of the tent, walls or the poles, or additional fees and replacement costs will be assessed.

DANCE FLOOR & STAGES: Installation and take-down is included. Dance Floors are set-up by us and must not be moved. The use of tape or staples, etc is prohibited. Any equipment damaged by inclement weather or negligence will result in additional and/or replacement charges in addition to the rental fee.

TABLES & CHAIRS: You are responsible for set-up and take-down, unless arranged in advance. Tables & chairs must be folded and stacked and ready for pick-up in the spot they were left or a $50 per hour fee will be invoiced after your event. The use of tape or staples, etc is prohibited. Tables, chairs and their boxes are not water proof. Do not leave tables, chairs and their boxes out in inclement weather before, during and after your event. Any equipment damaged by inclement weather or negligence will result in additional and/or replacement charges in addition to the rental fee. Do not stand on any rental items. Do not stack chairs on tables.

CHINA & COOKING EQUIPMENT must be rinsed completely of food and beverage or a 20% cleaning charge will be invoiced after your event. They must also be put back in their racks, if they came in one, or a $50 per hour labor charge will be invoiced after your event if the crew must locate and repack any items. You will be charged replacement cost in addition to the rental fee if any inventory is missing, broken or chipped. All grills must be cooled & clean and charcoal grills emptied of briquettes. Briquettes, etc. will be dumped at site if still in grill as they can not be transported.

LINENS must be shaken free of food, confetti and other table objects and air dried to prevent staining and mildew, then loosely folded and put back dry in their original delivery containers. Do not put damp or wet linen in plastic bags as they will mildew, which cannot be removed. Wax removal and additional washings or handling (average $5 per piece) will be invoiced after your event. Do not launder. You will be charged for linen replacement in addition to the rental fee, if once cleaned and inspected is not re-rentable.





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