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Sailcloth Tents

All the desired elements come together in one tent - the elegant lines, the rounded corners, the natural wood poles and the valance-free edge.  The translucent sailcloth material adds natural daylight and a warm glow to evening events.

32x31  $1100

32x51   $1585

32x71   $2070

45x44   $2205

45x64   $2825

45x84   $3450

45x104   $4070


Frame Tents

Frame Tents fit a much needed niche in the tent world.  A visible metal framework supports the tent, so there are no center poles.   Perfect for tight areas.


14x14   $315

16x16   $360

18x18   $475

20x20   $550

20x30   $725

20x40   $895

30x30   $1100

30x40   $1495

30x50   $1825

30x60   $2140

6x10   $125

9x10   $170

Century Tents

These graceful tents meet the toughest standards for stability and safety, and offer superior resistance to the elements.  With their high, elegant peaks and dramatic curves, they offer a clean, white and airy spaciousness.


20x30   $550

20x40   $725

30x30   $965

30x45   $1275

30x60   $1585

30x75   $1895

30x90   $2205

40x40   $2140

40x60   $2690

40x80   $3310

40x100   $3965

60x70   $4280

60x100   $5935

60x130   $7590

60x160   $9245

60x190   $10,765

60x220   $12,420

Do-It-Yourself Canopy Tents

Pickup and return from our Littleton location.


20x20 Striped


20x20 White


16x16 Striped


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